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          S A N D E N H O L T - Denmark  


          Is a Danish design brand of unique and thought-through designs, established in 2012.

          Our aspiration is to create aesthetic and sincere products, which give you –the observer - the impression of becoming one with our designs.


         Our vision is to create new and innovative Danish design objects, which become part of your identity.

         All of our designs originate from our own genuine needs, and we thrive at making you act on your intuition when you see a S A N D E N H O L T  design item.

         We are uncompromising in terms of quality and finish. 


         The team behind S A N D E N H O L T - Denmark constantly seeks to create good, functional design products for those who want to

         combine aesthetics with functionality, in a new and innovative way.


         All  S A N D E N H O L T - Denmark creations are crafted with great thoroughness, never compromising on quality ordetail, and all creations

         are carefully selected before they are approved for production.